When IPAQ was created 30 years ago, 
the glass recycling industry was just born.

IPAQ was among the first companies to work in this field.

Today, IPAQ is renowned as one of the main glass-recycling companies in France .

From prehistoric times 
to the conquest of space.

Glass has been one of the first materials used to make containers. Phoenicians and Egyptians already used it about 5 thousand years ago. Glass has established its worth over the centuries and for day to day use. It is used everywhere, in any industry (building, etc.), even in the space industry and in many ways : as window panes, containers, mirrors, glass wool, etc.  
The 1973 first oil crisis kicked off glass collection. The authorities encouraged the glass industry to make energy savings. They decided to collect glass and today we can see the benefits.

Local sitings,

European responsibilities


In 1978, 8 heads of industry from Libourne (South West France) decided to start a business in order to manage their own waste and that of the local companies and population. IPAQ was born…
To meet a demand, IPAQ specialized in the glass recycling business only.

IPAQ offers the best solutions to manage any kind of glass waste. The company works out new ways to recycle special glass (vitro-ceramic, laminated safety glass, etc.). Post-consumer glass is now widely collected in dedicated containers.  

The glass recycling process is growing in various ways in all EU member states. Single-use container glass has turned from a useless and bulky waste into a real deposit of raw material.

Innumerable and evolutionary. So are the various applications of glass. Recycling is essential.

Professionalism. IPAQ made it a rule. Glass is a matter of specialists.

Anticipating and improving. Using 80% of recycled cullet for every new bottle helps to make savings and to protect the environment.

Quality. Quality is IPAQ’s daily challenge to be able to face today’s high stakes.


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